Photo: Kate Greer

Photo: Kate Greer


Hello there! I'm Glory Barbaris, Creative Event Designer and Brand Stylist, and owner of Always Creating Studio Weddings & Events. As a creative, I'm on a mission to design, plan, style and execute affordable and stylish events that is as unique and special as my clients.

I’m so passionate about my clients’ events and vow to support my clients throughout the design and planning phases to ensure that event production is executed flawlessly. So whether you need me to visit event venue with you, design your tablescape, or go bridal dress shopping with you, I’m here to make sure your event is stunning, stays within your budget, and is executed to your vision!

In my six years managing corporate events for nonprofits and fortune 500 companies, I have seen firsthand the impact that strategic event management, planning and attention to detail can have.

I take personal pride in designing stylish events while overseeing and directing all aspects of the event décor, project planning, production and design—from conception, proposal creation and budgeting through project pre-production, installation and completion.


I strongly believe that on your special day, everything has to be perfect down to the smallest details. --Glory Barbaris