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Our process is simple, easy, and seriously the easiest thing you’ll do during the planning of your wedding. We do everything that we possibly can to take the stress out of planning your wedding.

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step 1

we meet with you to discuss your vision

We start the process with meeting the client to understand their event vision, budget and design ideas. With more than 15 years in strategic planning and project management, we know that that the strategic planning process is hugely important in the success of an event or wedding.

That is why we perform three fundamental activities: establish a relationship with you so that we can create an event vision and objectives that drive the overall planning and organization; discuss your design, timeline, budget; and lastly, develop a strategic plan to achieve those goals for your event.

We focus on aesthetic design, guest experience design then we move on to planning and production.

step 2

your custom designs + estimates are delivered

Then  based on the discussions and thorough review of your wedding planning consultation, we provide a personalized event design and plan, estimate and styling plan that will outline the key stages and schedule for your event.

With clearly defined actions, goals, and timeline, we create a design that is harmonious with your vision and ideas. But we don't don't just work off a template, we tap into our creative side and come up with a design plan that is part you, part our creative expertise, and yet beautiful, timeless, and uniquely you.

We also identify and create key indicators that allow you and us to know that we are meeting those design goals and ideas we established early on. Designing and planning a wedding is not just creating a Pinterest board, we truly take an in-depth look at who our clients are and from there we create a design that happily compliment who there are and encapsulates what they've dreamed of and want.

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step 3

planning + execution of your forever happily after

With a strategic planning approach, we look at the overall vision, design, cost, atmosphere then we pull together a creative team that are well versed in their roles within the industry and can truly perform the job required to work the event. All of our clients have access to expert resources, innovative online design and planning tool, and unlimited email communication.


At every event we have a team to manage setup, flow and strike so our clients can sit back and be a guest throughout the entire day. At your wedding, our team will be at the beck and call of our clients from the moment the first vendor arrives until every guest has left the venue. We take care of everything from managing the load-in flow, timelines, and strike, as well as be there behind the scenes to resolve any issues that may arise.

Our planning is truly a process in which all the details are well thought out and all the factors are considered to make sure your event is authentic to you, cost-effective, on-trend, beautiful and personalized for you.

Creating beautiful moments is a personal mission for our #girlboss founder, Glory Barbaris, and it is important to us as a company. We would love to be your creative partner in designing and planning. Let’s chat!

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